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Day after day, season after season, southern New England roof shingles are subjected to the ever changing elements of sun, heat, rain, cold, and snow. MA residential roofs are dynamic structures and actually move as the many forces of nature act upon it.

On any given day, your roof may be pounded by the sun’s destructive ultraviolet rays, stretched by the expansion of intense summer heat, or forced to contract from a sudden cold rain. Your roof never gets a day off! Over time these relentless natural forces will cause minor shingle defects, which if ignored, can cause major roofing problems.

Over Three Decades Of Roofing Experience

Cycle Roofing & Carpentry understands a sound roof is the first and most important defense in protecting your home. As a South Shore MA / southeastern MA roofing specialist for over 34 years, our experienced roofing professionals have installed thousands of new roofs and replacement roofs on homes like yours. We know firsthand how the demanding environment and hostile weather of southern Massachusetts has a direct impact on the longevity of your roofing shingles.

Though the signs of normal shingle aging vary, it may be time for a new roof if you notice:

  • CURLING: Over time the asphalt in a shingle will harden, causing embedded granules to loosen and wash away. Initially you may notice the colored granules in your gutters. As hardening advances, the layers in the asphalt layers begin to shrink causing the edges of the shingles to curl.

  • SURFACE CRACKING: Asphalt contains oils for flexibility. As they age, the oils are depleted due to heat. The shingles become more brittle and develop surface cracking. Stresses created by thermal shock and the flexing movement of the roof deck also increase the likelihood of surface cracking.

  • BLISTERS: As a process of natural weathering, small open or closed bubble-like blisters may appear on the surface of the shingles. Blisters frequently result when adequate attic ventilation requirements are not met.

  • STAINING: Shingles may develop dark streaks that are often thought to be soot, dirt, moss, or tree droppings. In reality, this streaking may be caused by algae growth. Most roofing systems are subject to algae discoloration, though it is most often visible on light-colored shingles.

What Our Happy Customers Say

Roof Replacement in MA

Curtis and his crew at Cycle Roofing & Carpentry did a great job replacing our roof recently. Even though the job ended up being more work than they had anticipated (lots of unseen mold, incorrect vents, etc), the team still finished the job in 1 day. Curtis was always helpful with keeping us updated and we are very pleased with our new roof.

Tammy Saylor via Facebook

Roof Replacement in MA

Curtis Perry and his hard working crew at Cycle Roofing did a great job re-roofing our 100+ year old house! The guys were timely, professional, concientious and the job was completed in just a few days (including a full day on SUNDAY!) with no inconvenience....all at a great competitive rate that didn't break the bank!

Kerry Krukonis Poinier via Facebook

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