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Cycle Roofing & Carpentry installs quality one-piece seamless aluminum gutters on homes throughout South Shore MA and southeastern MA.

A gutter’s job is to catch and control roof water, channel it to the downspout, and direct it away from your home’s foundation. A well-designed gutter system will perform all these functions efficiently, while not allowing leaves and other debris to form a clog which causes rain water to backup or overflow your gutter system.

Raindrop gutter guard systems

We are proud to offer the Raindrop Gutter Guard System for homeowners in South Shore MA & southeastern MA. The patented design and grid layout of the Raindrop Gutter Guard takes care of the larger leaves & debris, while the micro bars utilize the natural characteristics of water to deflect the smaller leaves & debris that can clog other gutters and downspouts.

The Raindrop gutter design creates a capillary action which naturally causes rain water and fine micro-sized debris to be suctioned through the guard. The guard openings are precisely spaced to create water surface tension between the bars. This is a key element which deters smaller leaves, pine needles, & seedlings from entering and clogging the gutter.

By utilizing the inherent properties of gravity and water surface adhesion, the Raindrop Gutter Guard redirects roof water off to its side openings. This redirection allows gutter performance to be unaffected by any rainfall amount, from a light spring rain to a heavy downpour. Vertical bars with rounded top surfaces separate rainwater from debris and redirect the water down into the gutter. By means of gravity and surface adhesion, the vertical bar layout prevents heavy rain from “sheeting” or bypassing beyond the gutters outer edge.

Gutter guards are a great idea and a great investment. They solve and remove many potential hazards. The Raindrop Gutter System handles more water, keeps more wet debris out, deters fire hazard from debris build-up, controls ice better, looks great, will not attract bees, and is budget friendly.

Unique Raindrop gutter design features

    • The back side of a Raindrop gutter is higher than the front edge. This provides a forward sloping surface bringing Raindrop closer to the ideal of a “self-cleaning” gutter.
    • Raindrop gutters install flush with the roof edge. They do not lay flat or raise up above the roof line at any point. This smooth transition between roof and gutter dramatically reduces or prevents debris build-up at the gutter edge.
    • The smooth, sleek surface of a Raindrop system not only looks great, but provides debris an unobstructed direction to travel to the gutter edge where it simply falls to the ground.
    • Provides a durable weather resistant barrier at the gutter edge helping to protect the gutter from heavy loads of snow & ice, tree branches, and hail.
    • Strong one-piece Raindrop construction allows continued safe ladder access at gutter edge where other gutter products may be damaged or crushed.
    • Raindrop gutter systems are durable and tough. UV stabilized Raindrop gutters and downspouts will not dent, scratch, or dislodge.

What Our Happy Customers Say

"Absolute class act"

absolute class act. curtis and his whole crew did an amazing job on our vinyl siding project at our house. very honest and their work is just incredible. i would definitely recommend these guys to anyone. will definitely hire cycle carpentry again for any further projects at my house.

Manuel Arruda Parece IV via Facebook

"By far the best contrator that we met"

Needed a new roof and got 4 estimates. Curtis was by far the best contractor that we met. No pressure, able to explain the process and his attention to detail amazing. His crew was great. Any future projects at my home will be completed by Cycle Carpentry.

Tina Marie via Facebook

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